Associate Scholars


The Aucilla Research Institute will consider applications for the appointment of qualified professionals as Associate Scholars. The designation as Associate Scholar is a courtesy title which signifies a limited contractual association with the Institute. Individuals accepted for such designation may claim an affiliation with the Institute for the purpose of applications for grants or contracts for investigations approved by the Institute. Further, they may represent themselves as such in publications and correspondence. Such designation does not carry a stipend or fellowship.

Approval as an Associate Scholar will be generally reserved for persons in one of the following categories:

  1. Professors and senior level graduate students at academic institutions
  2. Researchers in government institutions or private institution
  3. Practicing professionals

Appointments will require approval of the Board of Directors and will be subject to annual review.  At the option of the Board, Associate Scholars may be allowed access to and use of the collections as well as office space, field, lab and office facilities of the Institute.

Candidates for designation as an Associate Scholar should submit a written request to the Institute accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a description of their area of interest. Associate Scholars must agree to submit all applications for grants and publications to the Institute for review and approval by the Institute prior to release. Grants must include a minimum 10% percent overhead fee for the Institute’s administrative costs. Copies of all resulting publications will be provided the Institute in a format acceptable to the Institute.